Do You Need To Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit When Moving?

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when you need to rent a storage unit, such as how much space you will need, which type of storage, and whether you plant on your items for a short or long period of time. One of these considerations is whether to hire a climate-controlled space to store your items. Here’s what you need to know before making the final decision.

What type of stuff will you store?

When it comes to climate-controlled storage units, many people often think about valuable items such as fragile tapestries, antique furniture, or paintings. Even though the value is always important, it is not everything. Some items which could be affected by weather changes are basically more personal, such as important documents, family photos, or prized books. Anything that is made of paper can also be subject to wrinkling, yellowing, mildew, and mould in damp and wet conditions. Nevertheless, smaller things such as paper-based items could usually be stored in weather-proof or moisture-proof containers before storage. Unless you can ensure that moisture will not come in, it is a better option to hire a climate-controlled storage unit.

What is the value of the items you want to store?

If possible, you should measure the value of those things that you want to store in dollars and ensure that you purchase insurance to cover possible damages. Your household insurance perhaps will not cover anything that isn’t kept at home, but it is still better to review the policy carefully talk to your insurance provider to check if you should buy additional coverage. In case your item has sentimental values, then it is extremely important to find a unit where it can be safe from damages.

How long will you store your items?

If you want to store your items for a short time, then it might be unnecessary to hire a climate-controlled storage unit. In most cases, it will depend on the length of time that you need to store, which season you will store and whether there are any possibilities of water damage.

For the period of time that you store your items, what type of weather would these things have to make it through?

The weather is usually unpredictable in many parts of Australia, changing from rain to sun in only a single day. Weather is certainly a major consideration and in case you are quite certain that there would be cold, wet weather, then the best option to keep your items safe is to use a climate-controlled storage unit.

Check the storage unit before renting

For a climate-controlled storage unit –, it is necessary to have adjustable temperatures and proper security. Ask some common questions about storage facilities which you would ask if you stored items that don’t require a climate-controlled unit. Also, you should find out whether the storage unit offers insurance for your things or which type of coverage that they offer to make sure everything is secure and safe.

How to Find the Best Self-Storage Facility

Whether you are relocating or you just need a place to keep your goods before you figure out what to do next, you will always want to make sure that you choose the best facility. Many people especially those who have never made use of storage services before, find it challenging to identify an ideal facility.

Also, the fact that there are many self-storage facilities can always confuse you in one way or the other. This is why it is always wise that before you embark on the journey of finding the best self-storage facility, always ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips. The following guideline will help you find the perfect storage facilities for your goods.

Know the Space you want

It will be very difficult for you to find something that you are not looking for. That statement might seem ambiguous but the truth is that you must not the space that you need. If you have a lot of staffs that you want the storage facility to keep for you, then you will need to ensure that you find a facility with the capacity that you seek. You, however, should remember that the larger the space, the more the amount of money that you are going to pay.


Sometimes people do things ignorantly because they refuse to consult. Talking to family members and friends who might have used these services before will definitely give you a direction that you must follow if you want to come out victoriously. If some of these people that you are going to talk with have once used these services, then you can be sure that they will help you make a good choice.

Consider the Reputation

Great self0storage facilities will always have a good reputation. This is because those people who have used their storage services before will talk positively about the facility. Check the reviews on their site to know whether they have a good reputation not. If you are looking for quality services, then this is a must.

The Cost

Another important thing that you need to look at when looking for a quality storage facility is the cost. However desperate you might be, the service provider in question should never take advantage of you in any way. While it is correct to say that you get what you pay for, it is good to understand that it is not always the same.

Some companies will charge expensively and still offer poor quality services. It is good to ensure that you choose a company that is neither too expensive nor too cheap.